PR: JONES rebuts Governor Jim Justice comment of national guard use in eastern panhandle.

Hedgesville, WV – Davy Jones, Republican, for Berkeley county sheriff.

Mr. Jones made this statement earlier today:

“Governor Justice, I refer you to your oath you took. You promised to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I urge you to tread carefully in how you use the National guard and I urge you to be diligent in using the guard in a lawful manner and careful in the direction your taking our state. Even though I am only a sheriff candidate, if I was the sheriff you can be assured that I would stand with my citizens and defend their liberties against any tyrannical actions!”

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Governor Justice original comments:

“If it comes to the point that we need to send the National Guard in there to try in every way to get a better handle on it, we may have to try to put more strenuous guidelines as far as essential and nonessential — but we need to at least contain this there,” Justice said.