Mr. Jones is a veteran of the Army National Guard and a proud patriot.

Mr. Jones is a member of the Republican Party, NRA*, NAGR*, Blue Ridge Patriot, WVCDL*, GOA*, National Pro Life Alliance and Tea Party movement,

Mr. Jones describes himself as a “Liberty Republican, “Constitutionalist”.

Mr. Jones is an active grass roots activist and was the State chair of WVLPAC*. He stepped down in 2016 to run for sheriff of Berkeley county. He is the current WV state chair of “Our American Initiative”. A grass roots organization dedicated to protecting liberty in the mountain state.. Mr. Jones supports term limits (state and federal), a balanced budget, reduction of government spending and taxation, elimination of UN-constitutional agencies and laws. He is a defender of the second amendment and supports “Constitutional Carry”. He founded to allow citizens to submit confidential tips to law enforcement.

Today he lives in Martinsburg WV with his wife Jessica and daughter’s, Abigail and Zoe.


  • NRA: National Rifle Association
  • NAGR: National Association for Gun Rights
  • WVCDL: West Virginia Citizens Defence League
  • GOA: Gun Owners Association
  • WVLPAC: West Virginia Liberty Political Action Committee