It’s the responsibility of any elected official to create fiscal savings to the taxpayers while simultaneously enhancing services. One area that this can be achieved is through the delivery of technology.

Our current technology occupies a large space with physical hardware servers and infrastructure equipment. This is an expensive practice which requires ongoing maintenance and costly upgrades. I propose that we leverage more technology such as cloud based solutions to ensure we reduce our overall costs. This technology can be leased and provided through information technology companies at a fraction of the cost.

App-Based Technology

Many new services can be provided to Berkeley County residents with app based technologies. For example, when a deputy arrives at a call for service, verbatim testimony can be recorded from victims, witnesses or suspects, and a scene can be recorded or photographed with tablet technology. As much as 40% of a deputy’s time can be consumed by report writing. With this style of reporting not only is the report complete before leaving the scene, but has voice to dictate translation for verbatim court testimony. This will greatly reduce overtime costs due to report writing while simultaneously freeing up deputy’s time so they can patrol neighborhoods. A Sheriff’s Office application will be created that will notify residents and businesses of significant events in their areas such as burglaries, road closures, missing people or crimes in progress. These notifications will be similar to a weather notification. A two-way portal within the app will allow citizens to deliver real time intelligence to the Sheriff’s Office simply by taking pictures or recording occurrences with their smartphones and sending them to us through the app. This will allow the people to directly show us what they’re observing and help them to be an important part of the public safety solution.

Criminal history and identification of suspects will be able to be run by simply placing their hand on the pad for verification of who they are. County wide citizen surveys will be delivered to smartphones so we can solicit from the people what services they want most from their Sheriff’s Office. Then when we budget for those services, I will create an on-line budget that citizens can access on the internet so they can see their taxpayer dollars are being used for the services that they desire. Again, anyone who takes on the mantle of public service needs to prove to the people that their taxpayer dollars will be spent wisely and their services will be enhanced.

I have created a website and app for citizens to submit anonymous tips to any law enforcement in the country.

Public Safety, Not Politics!

I pledge to maintain a politically free environment within the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office. As an elected Sheriff, I will not solicit any campaign donations from any Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office employees. I pledge that hiring, transfers, promotions, pay increases and discipline will be administered with absolutely no political motivation. Public safety will be delivered to the citizens of Berkeley County in a nonpartisan methodology. I strongly believe in simply doing the right things for the right reasons and that ideology will be what guides my decisions as Sheriff of Berkeley County.


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School Violence

My number one priority is the safety of our children. No matter what side of the debate one is on over gun control, we have to accept that guns exist in our society.We must be prepared for the worst and must have the best ability to stop the threat.

Mental Health Initiatives

Crisis Intervention Team Training

If elected Sheriff, I make the commitment for 100 percent of my deputies to be CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) Trained. Treatment is how everything gets fixed, but to get treatment you have to know how to identify the symptoms. To identify the symptoms you have to have the training and education. This CIT training is that essential training education.

The jails need to be depopulated and the mentally ill screened out. There is an osmotic assimilation of criminality when you surround people that are mentally ill with criminals. They should be screened out before they end up in the jail by implementing a diversionary program to where both police and corrections officers are trained in CIT so you have two bites at the apple to identify these individuals. I think that’s critical.

Building From Within Efficiently

I am convinced that CIT training can be implemented to 100 percent and there’s a way to do it economically. It’s called train the trainer courses. Previously trained deputies act as train the trainers providing the training to our own people building from within for free. That’s how you do it efficiently and it’s very rare when the right thing is the same as the economic thing.

 I’m asking for support for a new paradigm in law enforcement and I believe the CIT training is going to get us there. This is the catalyst that will start it all.

Intervention Based Law Enforcement

I believe that the entire paradigm of policing and public safety needs to change. I think we need to abandon the archaic practice of enforcement based policing and move to a community care-taking function as we move forward. Less traffic, more cops in neighborhoods helping the people making a difference. I believe that drug use is a huge problem. I see it every day. I think what we need to do is start looking at things even in law enforcement as an intervention based model instead of an enforcement based model. It is the only way we’re going to solve the problems. We need to be close to families gaining trust then we’ll find out whom the drug dealers are. That’s where enforcement comes in. That’s what I strongly believe.

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