Public Education

Here is the bottom line on the teacher strike and our educational system.

Lost in all the emotion and rhetoric coming out of Charleston around the teacher strike, for that is what it is. are some very key facts.

And facts are what should govern, not mass hysteria.

The very basic root fact is that the past Democratic controlled legislature and governor caused this problem.

It is time someone made a stand and stop bowing to the insanity we see at our Capital.

Democrats adopted Obamacare in West Virginia in 2013. Since then it has not only cost the state over $400 Million dollars, the Medicaid Expansion under this Democratic program has increased health insurance costs for all residents by over 33%.

Not only that, but the Democrats also adopted Common Core, which not only has destroyed our educational system by ‘teaching to the test’ but has also cost the state tens of million of dollars.

Not to mention the outrageous salaries and benefits paid to administrative staff under Common Core.

And do not let anyone lie to you, Common Core still continues in West Virginia, just under a different name, the College and Career Readiness standard.

And while the State pays the 6th most per student in the nation, we continue to rank in the bottom 3 in quality of education.

These are facts. Very sad facts.

And now at the Sate Capitol, Democrats have manipulated our teachers and held our students’ education hostage to demand even more money for this failed system.

And that is exactly what it is.

We need a total and complete overhaul of the educational system. Not to mention ending the Obamacare Expansion in our state and reduce the cost to all residents, not just those under PEIA.

We need to fundamentally transform our educational system, end Common Core, now called the College and Career Readiness Standards, streamline our system by eliminating layers of bureaucracy, and follow the steps taken by many states to elevate the education our children receive.

These include school choice and a voucher system. For again, facts matter. It is the parents’ money and the parents’ children, and anyone who stands against these proven reforms does so from an elitist high handed position, claiming they know what is best for your children and you do not. Choice and the free market always, always improves the end product.

We spend the 6th most per student in the nation- we do not need to tax our hardworking residents more, but rather truly look at the mess the Democrats have created and eliminate it.

Now I may upset many of you by this statement, but if we are to fix the problem we have to be intellectually honest and address the facts.

For right now, if all we do is continue to prop up this failing system with more taxpayer dollars, our schools, our teachers and our children will continue to suffer, and we will be back here again next year, throwing more money at a complete failure, conceived, created and still promoted by the Democrats.